a plan for our children

While the City of Orlando has committed to a hundred percent renewable energy by 2050, Orange County has not made the same commitment to its residents. The large majority of District 4 is unincorporated and is not included in the renewable energy goals set forth by the City of Orlando.  We cannot wait for Tallahassee or Washington to act. We need to act here, locally in Orange County, because we know what works best for us. Investing in renewable resources is both smart for our economy and for our health. With falling costs and job opportunities abundant, all of Orange County should be following the lead of the City of Orlando, and when Nicolette is your Commissioner, she will fight for the sustainability of our environment.

Orange County needs to take steps to expand our solar co-ops, we need to move all county buildings to solar and other reusable resources, and we need to make it easier for local businesses to recycle.  We are the fourth largest county in the state, it is our responsibility to be the ones who take the lead, to set an example for how we can best serve our residents. We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren. As your next Commissioner for District 4, Nicolette will be a leader for our environment.