Smart Growth


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The growth in District 4 can be seen on almost every corner. Our District is feeling the growing pains as we sit in traffic and drive on roads in need of improvements. We need to focus on enhancing public transportation that will decrease commute time, reduce road erosion, and is environmentally sound. Nicolette will work diligently to support the expansion of our existing transportation services to meet the needs of residents, specifically those living with a disability and our veterans.  When Nicolette is your Commissioner, she will work to ensure that growth is beneficial for all Orange County families.

We need a dedicated source of funding for public transportation to ensure the needs of all our residents are met. Our students, veterans, and communities with disabilities have gone too long without viable access to public transportation they so rightly deserve. Nicolette recently visited the Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona to tour the facility and had an important conversation with the Public Affairs Officer, about the need for accessible public transportation for all of our veterans to medical centers. One of her first priorities as Commissioner will be to tackle this issue head on and come up with solutions that will alleviate the pain and stress our veterans and disabled communities face on a day to day basis.