About Nicolette Springer

Nicolette is a criminologist, educator, mother of two, and proud Girl Scout leader. She and her husband, Jon, have called District 4 home for over twelve years. They live with their two daughters in the Lake Nona area. Nicolette is dedicated to safety in our neighborhoods, championing smart growth, and increasing sustainability through the use of renewable energy in our community.

With a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida, Nicolette is a criminologist with a speciality in mental health and substance abuse. She was the assistant director of a research center focused on program evaluation and professional development in the mental health and criminal justice systems. Nicolette’s research areas include mental health court, drug court, and corrections. In addition to her research experience, she also taught numerous courses in criminology and criminal justice at two large universities in the state of Florida.

As a young adult, Nicolette had an active role in her parents’ small trucking business, and she understands the importance of local government. After school and on weekends, she and her brothers and learned about payroll, government regulations, customer service, time management, and planning for the future.

In addition to her experiences as a social scientist, Nicolette is an active member of the community. She is Girl Scout leader and an advocate for children’s health. For the past five years, she has volunteered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, which aims to decrease vaccine-preventable deaths worldwide. In her role with Shot@Life, Nicolette has advocated on behalf of children globally to members of Congress both locally and in Washington, D.C. She firmly believes that access to healthcare is a human right and should not be dictated by the socioeconomic standing or geographic location.

Nicolette is running for Orange County Commission because she believes it is the responsibility of community leaders to act now. She truly wants to serve her neighbors throughout district 4 and across the county. Our neighbors need leadership that is driven by needs of community and not the needs of personal gain. Nicolette understands the urgency for smart growth, safer neighborhoods, and leading the way towards environmental sustainability.


Our Issues Are Many, Our Voice Should Be One

Nicolette is running for Orange County Commission to serve our community. District 4 is composed of diverse neighborhoods with varying needs. Our number one priority is to listen to residents' concerns and to be their voice. Nicolette will advocate for safer neighborhoods, smarter growth, and environmental sustainability.


As a criminologist, Nicolette understands the data-driven solutions needed to increase safety for all residents.

Smart Growth

Nicolette will work diligently to support the expansion of our existing transportation services to meet the needs of residents.


Nicolette will be a leader for our environment and take the steps towards renewable energy.

A Diverse District, We Can All Call Home

District 4 is one of the geographically largest and diverse regions in Orange County. The landscape in the District ranges from serene rural communities to historic neighborhoods to robust planned development with a live here, work here, play here mindset. The District boundaries stretch from John Young Parkway on the west to the Brevard County line on the east. The northern border extents to State Road 50 and ends at the Osceola county line. The current population is over 200,000 residents and it is growing everyday. According to the Orange County property appraiser, District 4 includes the fastest growing areas in Orange County.    

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