Former Mayor Linda Chapin Endorses Nicolette Springer for Orange County Commission District 4

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The first Mayor of Orange County, Linda Chapin, has recently endorsed Nicolette Springer in her bid for Orange County Commission District 4. Chapin, who served as Mayor (formerly known as chair) from 1990 to 1998 has said, “I am so enthusiastic about supporting Nicolette Springer for the Orange County Commission, District 4. She brings an impressive professional, academic, and volunteer background along with valuable experience in the field of criminal justice, which is a subject that can add greatly to the deliberations of the Commission.”

She continues to add, “In addition, it’s important to have the perspective of young families represented in leadership positions. Nicolette is tech-savvy and hands-on. She understands the resources that can guide Orange County towards a sustainable future. Her commitment to protecting neighborhoods through managed growth and intelligent transportation solutions will benefit all Orange County residents. I am happy to offer my endorsement of her candidacy and look forward to the talent, experience, and intelligence she will bring to the office.”

Nicolette is a criminologist, mother of two, and 13 year resident of District 4 who has stated, “Mayor Chapin paved the way for strong leadership on the Orange County Board of Commissioners and has dedicated her life to the betterment of the residents of central Florida. I'm honored to have her endorsement and I plan to bring her same level of commitment to the residents of District 4 and all of Orange County."

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