Small Business Saturday: Dishman Family Farms


Leading up to Small Business Saturday, we wanted to feature a small business within Orange County. Nicolette is a big supporter of small business, as she grew up in a small business family. Please remember to support unique proprietors this holiday season and throughout the year. 

Dishman Family Farms is located right here in District 4! 

Honey from a grocery store, or big discount store filters all the pollen out. What you are essentially getting from them is honey flavored syrup by the time it is filtered, heated and pasteurized. Dishman Family Farms does not. You get 100% of nature's goodness from your local beekeeper. Pure and raw honey is healthier and more digestible than other sweetners, natural or otherwise. Honey contains enzymes and probiotic bateria that have been predigested by the bees. Raw honey does not cause a surge in insulin like white refined sugar do.

Dishman Family Farms is ALWAYS 100% Pure and 100% Raw.

"Honey was smooth and delicious! Love shopping local and love even more when they are nice people! We have the Wildflower Honey which has just the right touch of sweetness! Can't wait to try in new recipes!" - Robyn E.