Community 4ward: Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona


Through my time working in public service, my greatest passion has been learning more about Veterans’ issues and what is needed to be done in order to solve them. Thanks to state of the art facilities such as Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona, veterans can get the treatment they deserve. As our team has discovered though, actually finding transportation to the facility has been excruciatingly difficult up until this point.

LYNX now offers a route from the VA to the Central Station. While this is a step in the right direction, the one route leaves much to be desired in terms of options and convenience for our Veterans. This issue could be addressed by having a public transportation system that is convenient and readily accessible across all of Orange County. This does not exist as of this moment. The LYNX bus system does not have a permanent source of funding, and when you have no way to plan your finances, you cannot create a viable system to work with.

The Federal Government has invested billions of dollars into VA services and it is an absolute tragedy that we cannot provide, on a local county level, the means for them to receive it. It is time to give our Veterans the respect they deserve and provide real solutions now to make their lives easier. Our team plans on going to the Assisted Living Facility at the Orlando VA to celebrate our Veterans in honor of Veteran's Day. We want to see first hand what they need addressed and to commemorate their honorable service to this country.

Michael Anthony