Smart Growth 4ward: Orange County Landfill


Orange County has a variety of incredibly important services. One, that our team got to explore and learn more about, was the Orange County Landfill. The day started with an incredibly informative meeting with the chief engineer, Jim. Beginning with a history of the landfill starting in 1971, the landfill has grown to take on five different classes of trash covering everything from our typical household garbage to hazardous chemicals that are responsibly sorted through and disposed of. The technology the landfill uses is stunning and the team thrives on industry best practices. This caliber of work is what the county demands for the over one million tons of garbage we will be accumulating over the course of the year. 

While the facilities are top notch and the county has an incredibly capable team to take on this responsibility, the landfill does have a life expectancy. The engineers on site agree that the landfill can continue to take in trash conventionally for only another 40 years. In 40 years, the tasks and risks of disposing our waste becomes our children’s problem and they won’t have the time to solve it. It will take a community and a commission with long term goals and feasible solutions to ensure that our county’s future can be counted on today. You can do your part now by reducing your family’s waste production, reusing when possible, and recycling to the best of your ability. Taking care of our county’s facilities and ensuring long lasting sustainability will help move our community forward!

For more information on the landfill and their services:

Gabriel Atiles